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Holiday tips for Tangalle Villa Holidays.

Top things to do in Tangalle when you rent a Villa in Sri Lanka.

Best time to visit: October to end of April and June to October.

Hidden deep in the southern coast, the beaches of Tangalle are made for the visual admirer. With the ocean set in dark blue and you with a fresh drink in your hand ready for a relaxing stay, then you would be in the right place.

Tangalle (also known as Tangalla) is a large town in Hambantota District of Sri Lanka.
It is located 195 km (121 mi) south of Colombo and 35 km (22 mi) east of Matara. It has a mild climate, in comparison to the rest of the district, and sandy beaches.

If you fancy a spot of sea bathing then head west of Tangalle town to where a few naturally secured bays between rocky promontories caress calmer waters. Sunbathing on the other hand is recommended for the east part of town where the warm sandy beaches are far too irresistible to pass on a tan.

  • Visit Srilanka’s largest seated Buddha statue, which is 50 metres (160 ft) tall. Wewurukannala ,Vihara is most famous for a gargantuan seated Buddha .
  • 25 kms north lies an excellent rock temple at Mulkirigala with wonderful views from the top. Mulkirigala dates back almost 2,000 years when it was a site of a Buddhist monastery.
  • The Parewella Natural Swimming Area, is located 0.9 km (0.56 mi) from Tangalle town center.
  • Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is 24 km (15 mi) east of the town. The Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1938,
  • Turtle Watch Rekawa is 10 km (6.2 mi) east of the town. At the beach you can watch five species of marine turtles laying their eggs in the sand nests at night.
  • Whale watching is available at Mirissa (30 kms west towards Galle). The best time of year is December – March. Expect to see Blue and Sperm whales, dolphins, flying fish and turtles.
  • Yala National Park is about 100 kms east, Great day trip to see elephants and Leopards and other wild animals. The Kataragama temple complex, which can be combined with a trip to Yala.
  • Dondra Lighthouse: 20 kms west is the southernmost point of Sri Lanka at Dondra.
  • Yoga at Rocky Point (Goyambokka 14 Kms east). Ayurvedic Spa at Under The Mango Tree in Dikwella.
  • Diving & Water sports: at the Dikwella Resort.
  • Blow Hole Hummanaya in Dikwella

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