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Villas in Sri Lanka for weddings and events

The full list of villas in Sri Lanka suitable for weddings, celebrations and special events.

The list below shows the villas in Sri Lanka that are most suitable for special events, caterings, weddings and celebrations. Some villas allow external catering services and event management companies, while most of them have their own exclusive wedding and professional event management services. Please enquire us for more information on how to book a Villa in Sri Lanka for your wedding or special celebration.

This is a list of best Wedding Villas in Sri Lanka for 2019/20. Please remember that Villas – unlike hotels – do not have the capacity for large events, so most of the below villas allow not more than 80-100 guests, apart some exceptions.

If you have additional questions or request, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you all the necessary information for your special event or wedding in Sri Lanka.

For more information about minimum number of nights and maximum size of the party, read our article on best wedding Villas in Sri Lanka.

Listings in Wedding Villas