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Yoga-Friendly Villas on the beach, in the hill country or few minutes from the beach

The South Coast, as well as the Central Provinces of Sri Lanka have special centres organising Yoga Retreats where they specialise in Yoga teacher training courses in Sri Lanka. If you prefer to enjoy a private Villa holiday with a Yoga experience included in your stay, see our tailor-made selection of yoga villas in Sri Lanka

Yoga Villas in Sri Lanka: dedicated yoga shalas, equipments, mats and teachers.

The list below is a selection of Yoga villas in Sri Lanka that provide professional instructors that allow or organise Yoga Retreats and that have a dedicated area and Yoga Shala where you can do your daily practice.

For a more detailed information about yoga shala sizes and facilities, read our article of best Yoga Villas in Sri Lanka.

Listings in Yoga Villas